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MONKEE #33 Yamaha RD 400

Standard frame, standard swingarm, standard front fork, lowered 40 mm, with black forkgaiters.
Standard wheels, Continental K112 4.00x18 front and rear.

Standard brakediscs, drilled, steelbraided hoses. Brembo rear brakemaster.
WM front brakemaster.
Standard engine, rebuild. Oil pump removed.
Keihin VM 31 carburators. UNI filters.
DG exhaust system.

Standard tank. WM #4 seat cowl and one-off seat.

WM rearlight. WM headlight, one-off mounting. Electronic tacho
New wiring.
Tarozzi rearsets, one-off mountings.
WM 35 mm Clip-on handlebars. Cross grips. WM clutch lever, Tomaselli gasgrip.
Bitubo rearshocks.


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