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In the pursuit of clean mechanical aesthetics we seek to explore the basic expression of life on a motorbike. We do not necessarily focus on extreme performance or aerodynamics, but seek to build motorcycles with individual styling and dynamic driving experiences that relates to the style of each motorcycle and the client’s needs.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark we build one-off motorcycles for clients who seek something out of the ordinary. We have been building customized

motorcycles since 1998, - since 2008 as the Wrenchmonkees.

 Our company today is a result of passion, not a business plan. We work alongside with good friends and likeminded souls who all love the freedom of creating something out of the ordinary.

We love Japanese, British, Italian, American motorcycles. Nearly all the manufacturers have models that would make great Monkee bikes.  We don’t need legendary models to build legendary motorcycles. We choose our building blocks based on original frame design and engine configuration. Every creation rolling out of our garage is built from these key elements with love and affection.




Crew Chief at Monkee headquarters, he has been building bikes for the past 20 years, starting out with a degree in technical design.

The passion for motorbikes has been part of his life since childhood.

In 2006 he gave life to the Wrenchmonkees along with his two partners Nicholas and Anders.

When Per checks out of the motorcycle garage, he plays drums in different Danish rock bands.




Photographer with a passion for motorcycles, arts and any object older than himself.

Besides being part of the design team, he does most of the welding and ironwork

on our projects. He is also the heart and soul of the Wrenchmonkees blog.
Apart from enjoying life with his wife and two kids, Nicholas always seeks out new frontiers as the garage´s enfant terrible when it comes to the design process.

He is constantly inspired by different underground subcultures and design projects.