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Grab Your Balls!


    Posted on October 24, 2012 by admin

    Grab Your Balls – The Artist Edition, is our first charity project, initiated with the intent to increase men´s awareness about male related cancer.

    Men are just as often affected by cancer as women. But unfortunately we tend to die much earlier and more often - because we don’t have the balls to take our health seriously.

    A group of likeminded artists from around the world have joined the brawl and crafted their interpretation of this harsh issue using irony, old clichés and morbid humor to support us increase the awareness on male cancer.

    Each T-shirt comes in limited 200 prints.Every sold T-shirt will enable a donation of 14 Euro going straight to research in male related cancer diseases, administered by The Danish Cancer Society.
    You can find the T-shirts here :
    Denmark :
    Germany :

    Grab Your Balls and join the Brawl

    This project was made possible with the great support from:
    Production: KANSAS and T-shirtTrykkeren

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