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  • We welcome MICHELIN..

    Posted on March 18, 2015 by admin

    We are proud to announce that we are going in to a collaboration with MICHELIN TWO WHEEL, and they have helped us with some rubber for our SKULMONKEE build !

    The SKULLMONKEE will be revealed at BIKE SHED PARIS and we hope you'll go there and enjoy the effort we have put in to creating a bike that is far from the original, but still so close.

    We have tried to customize a bike that is more or less legal to ride on the streets !


    IMG_9866 copy IMG_9869 IMG_9872 copy IMG_9874 copy IMG_9875 copy IMG_9876 copyLogo-michelin

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  • For Sale... Monkee#74

    Posted on March 9, 2015 by admin

    Let us present you - Monkee#74..
    Ducati 900 SS ie with new bodywork and lot's of new improved parts!
    If you are interested in buying this bike, please send us a mail, and we will tell you more..


    IMG_9683 copy IMG_9690 copy IMG_9691 copy IMG_9678 copy IMG_9694 copy IMG_9709 copy IMG_9711 copy IMG_9713 copy IMG_9715 copy IMG_9721 copy IMG_9727 copy IMG_9728 copy IMG_9729 copy IMG_9740 copy IMG_9666 copy

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  • DMD Helmets on it's way.

    Posted on March 6, 2015 by admin

    These new helmet from DMD will soon be added to our webshop.
    They are all E Approved and comes in size XS - S - M - L - XL

    Prices will be announced on the webshop.

    ECE - DOT Homologation




    Small Shell.
    Xs -54cm
    S - 56 cm
    M1 - 57 cm

    Normal Shell.
    M2 - 58cm
    L - 59 cm
    XL - 60



    Xs - 54 cm
    S - 56 cm
    M - 58 cm
    L - 59 cm
    XL - 60 cm

    IMG_9755 copy IMG_9764 copy IMG_9761 copy IMG_9744 copy IMG_9770 copy IMG_9779 copy IMG_9774 copy IMG_9781 copy IMG_9783 copy IMG_9785 copy IMG_9804 copy IMG_9801 copy IMG_9805IMG_9757 copy

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  • Monkee#71 is ready for shipping...

    Posted on March 6, 2015 by admin

    IMG_9855 copy IMG_9860 copy IMG_9857 copy IMG_9858 copy IMG_9833 copy IMG_9834 copy IMG_9852 copy IMG_9844 copy IMG_9843 copy IMG_9841 copy IMG_9839 copy IMG_9836 copy IMG_9862 copy


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    Posted on February 22, 2015 by admin


    Well, this is some of the process it went thru !
    This is what we have been doing the last two months, and we are pretty satisfied with the result so far !DSC_0100 copy DSC_0101 copy DSC_0103 copy DSC_0104 copy DSC_0105 copy DSC_0107 copy DSC_0110 copy DSC_0112 copy DSC_0116 copy DSC_0118 copy DSC_0120 copy IMG_7851 IMG_7852 IMG_7865 IMG_7872 IMG_7892 IMG_7897

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    Posted on February 21, 2015 by admin


    A Wiev of the parts for our YAMAHA XJR 20'th Anniversary Tribute Monkee..  IMG_9474 copy IMG_9480 copy IMG_9481 copy IMG_9482 copy IMG_9483 copy IMG_9484 copy IMG_9485 copy IMG_9486 copy IMG_9487 copy IMG_9489 kopi IMG_9560 copy IMG_9562 copy IMG_9564 copy IMG_9566 copy IMG_9568 copy

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    Posted on February 20, 2015 by admin

    If you haven't noticed, we have been of the world wide web for a while, but are slowly coming back to to the reality and we are happy to feed your needs for updates!

    We have moved to the new MonkeeHouse and we only need a few few detail to be back to a 100% production.

    The updates are pushed trough different media's:

    - Instagram
    - FaceBOOK


    Uplandsgade 74
    2300 Copenhagen S

    IMG_9542 copy

    IMG_9545 copy

    IMG_9553 copy

    IMG_9538 copy

    IMG_9537 copy

    IMG_9552 copy

    IMG_9550 copy

    IMG_9556 copy

    IMG_9551 copy

    IMG_9546 copy

    IMG_9559 copy


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    Posted on January 22, 2015 by admin

    We will be showing our WM A.C Fall / Winther Collection at CLUTCH Garage in Paris from Friday Jan. 23 - Jan. 25

    Please come by and say hi, take a look at what will come and hopefully we will be joining each other for a party or two during our visit there!
    flyers showrooms parsk

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  • Better shocks for a budget build.

    Posted on November 28, 2014 by admin

    If you are looking for some nice shocks and your money isn't big, here is a good alternative!!

    We are now offering these YSS Eco-line shocks as a universal fit, so you'll be able to fit it on most bikes.

    And remember to order bushings in the right size to fit the shocks to your bike.

    Besides these universal shocks, you can also order YSS Eco-line shocks for you Harley Davidson build.

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  • Updates on next XJR Project..

    Posted on November 19, 2014 by admin

    You wanted performance, brakes and handling....We will give you! And a comfy seat!


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